Finding solutions for your communication and language needs – together.


As well as the required language skills, I also possess the technical and intercultural competencies needed to translate a text so that it is understood by a specific target audience. To ensure that I produce idiomatic texts in an appropriate style, I translate only into my native language. This means that I translate from French, Italian or English into German.

I offer translations in the following fields:

– Economics (insurance documents, financial reports, marketing)

– Technology (manuals, instructions, and software localisation)

– Diabetes

For quality assurance purposes, I use translation software such as SDL Trados Studio and Memsource.

As an officially certified translator for the French language, I am also able to offer certified translations of legal documentation like certificates (marriage certificates, birth certificates, degree certificates, …), contracts, etc. (French into German).


As part of my proofreading services, I carefully proofread texts and check them for spelling and grammar errors, as well as style.

Do you use machine translation? I offer post-editing services (full and light) for pre-translated texts to ensure that they are as fluent and idiomatic as possible, or just to correct grammar and spelling.

Prices vary according to estimated workload.


Transcreation involves the re-working of a text to ensure that it is idiomatic, concise, or tailored to a specific target audience.

Do you already have a text in your desired language, but want it to be more idiomatic? Your advertisement needs to be translated, but also adapted to another culture? You have a long text and just need the most important points captured in a nutshell?

I’d be glad to edit (transcreate) those texts for you.

Prices vary according to estimated workload.


Do you need an audio or video file to be transcribed into a word document? Just send them to me in one of the common formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMA or WMV and I will transform them into text.

Transcription services are provided from German to German, or from French, English or Italian into German.

Prices vary according to estimated workload.